Announcement for those who enjoyed Grand American Fare

Did you help to build or work at Fanny Ann's Saloon, the Madison Bear Garden, Minder Binders, the Bum Steer, Weber's Place,
J. Sloan's, the Oar House, Buffalo Chips, St. James Infirmary, Foggy's Notion, Chester Drawers Inn, Mom's Place, etc?

Join us for a fun time in Reno Nevada on the weekend of October 24, 25 & 26, 2008 at

Red's Little Waldorf Saloon

We already have a mailing list in progress, people are flying in from all over and it's going to be a blast You don't have to be on a
mailing list, just mark it on your calendar, bring a friend, show up and have some fun. Imagine who you might see again! If you
want to help spread the word, send your friends the link to this page.

If you want to know who is already on the list write to

Tell him what store(s) you worked at, and when. It's going to be a loosely organized event with all of us having at least one thing
in common: The fun we had in the past in our favorite saloon. Relive the music, have a burger, make new friends and enjoy Reno!

If you want to see the commemorative web site that got this whole idea started go


The Oar House was opened 44 years ago this fall, and some of us think that's enough reason to celebrate.
Most of us who are attending haven't seen each other in years!

Click Here to see who we are still looking for!